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From real estate signs to wayfinding signs:

everything you need to make your business stand out.

Developing a reputation takes time and work. At Enseignes Plus, our real estate signs are tailored to your needs. Non-illuminated signs, 3D signs, illuminated signs and pylon signs… everything is possible, including designs for wayfinding signs, plexiglass protection screens and physical distancing stickers.

Urban signs

Urban signage is the new trend. These non-luminous signs that can also be floodlit provide a highly visible and clear, uncluttered design. They are in much demand in new neighbourhoods.

Non-illuminated signage is one of Enseignes Plus’ specialities. Some examples from our portfolio

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3D signs

If you are looking for an artistic touch, our 3D signs are etched and carved in long-lasting materials without the use of wood and require very little maintenance. They provide unparalleled appeal.

Our 3D signs are becoming very popular. Some examples from our portfolio:

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Illuminated signs

These aluminum signs offer a large display surface to highlight your brand.

Some Enseignes Plus illuminated signs:

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Wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signage is intended to direct visitors towards a specific site. We manufacture standard signage that will respect municipal and provincial norms and regulations.

Examples of wayfinding signs from our portfolio:

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Protection ensured with regulation screens

Offices and building sites can be sources of infection. We design protective screens to increase worker safety.

Protective screens for offices and cafeterias

We have the answer for turning your office or cafeteria into a safe, secure space with protective screens designed to protect your co-workers against germs and viruses. Easy to install and clean, our screens conform to current regulations and come in standard sizes or can be custom made.

Clear plexiglass protection screens

Reduce the risk of contagion linked to any pandemic like COVID-19 thanks to our standard size or custom-made protective screens. Our standard model is made of clear acrylic, mounted on supports. We offer the possibility of adapting the shapes, dimensions and installation supports based on your needs.

When safety involves distancing stickers

Small gestures ensure the safety of your employees. Distancing stickers and notices promoting health measures are effective solutions.

Physical distancing stickers

For all your public health display needs we offer a wide choice of customized stickers. Our stickers are printed and laminated for floor use.

Notices for public health safety

For your public health display, we also offer safety notices. We customize content and size based on your requirements.